All In One Blendspace!

Submitted 7 years ago
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This is a great teaching tool as well as a student project tool. I was able to create a lesson with a links to video, google drive so students can collaborate on answering questions, Padlet for classroom brainstorming, Exit Ticket to assess understanding during the lesson, and Quizziz to assess learning at the end of the lesson. I teach third grade and my kids can easily work through each "frame" of the lesson easily. It allowed me to add a lot of different types of tech tools with one easy access point for the students. This lesson can be done as a class, especially good for using it the first time, or independently when the kids have become familiar with it. Students could also create their own Blendspace as a project, a good alternative to the usual slideshow report. I really like this tool and haven't found any glitches or anything I didn't like so far.

How I Use It

Blendspace is a great tool for the teacher. It allows you to create a one stop page for all of your lesson. You share your Blendspace with students and they can work through each "frame" of the lesson independently, in groups or as a whole class using an LCD projector. Many forms of content can be added through Youtube, chosen links, uploading files or media, Dropbox, Google Drive and there's even a link to Common Core Standards. They also provide quick searching through Google, Flikr and Gooru. Another option provided is to create a quiz right within the program. It is very simple to use and if you have an idea what you are going to add can be very quick to put together.