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Highly engaging virtual exploration of ancient Egypt may in some ways be even better than going there!

Some students (and teachers!) might get "lost" inside the pyramids and tombs, but that is part of the appeal. Students who are gamers will have no difficulty moving about and following the locator map in the corner of the screen, but others may need a little time to practice. The text in the reference section is definitely best for older students; an option to have it and some of the info button items read aloud would have been a helpful modification for weaker or younger readers.
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Can't get to Egypt to explore the pyramids? This could be the next best thing!

It is a great tool to use for students to get that walk through experience of exploring the pyramids. The immediate reaction is that students want to explore on their own. Students complete an Ancient Egyptian Museum project and those that are interested in pyramids find this app to be a useful resource to use during the construction of their project.
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We could travel to current and ancient Egypt in this app!

I learned about this app during an Apple-sponsored workshop and was very interested in using it in the classroom. This app is worth every penny, and it's half off when you buy more than twenty with Apple's volume purchasing. It instantly engaged our students and allowed them to travel to both ancient and current Giza right in the classroom. At least one student in every period said, "It was like I was in Egypt."
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