Highly engaging virtual exploration of ancient Egypt may in some ways be even better than going there!

Submitted 7 years ago
Lynn S.
Lynn S.
Dean of Student Life
The Montclair Kimberley Academy
Montclair NJ, US
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My Take

Some students (and teachers!) might get "lost" inside the pyramids and tombs, but that is part of the appeal. Students who are gamers will have no difficulty moving about and following the locator map in the corner of the screen, but others may need a little time to practice. The text in the reference section is definitely best for older students; an option to have it and some of the info button items read aloud would have been a helpful modification for weaker or younger readers.

How I Use It

The Pyramids app has three modes: a virtual-reality type exploration of the Giza Plateau, a 3D artifact gallery, and a reference "book." All three are easy to use. Students can view the pyramids and tombs from every angle and then travel inside to have a look around. An audio Expert Intro and information buttons explain various rooms and artifacts, including wall paintings. The then/now feature allows you to see what things looked like when they were new, as well as how they appear today. The artifact gallery offers 3D rotatable images of artifacts grouped thematically (activities, family groups, etc.) for easy reference. The reference book provides more detailed history of the period, with additional photos and links back to some of the artifacts. This app would be an excellent way for students to explore areas of interest, research specific topics, or just immerse themselves in the world of ancient Egypt.