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Language enrichment program engages some students more than others

I think that there are similar tools that are a little bit more engaging. I think this would be best used in very short enrichment opportunities (about 10 minutes) periodically, for example once a week. I liked how easy it was for my students to use. As mentioned, I appreciated the clear visuals and audio clips. This is definitely not a stand-alone program for fully learning a language, but it can enhance a class and reinforce/introduce certain vocabulary and language concepts. There are also some interesting vocabulary topics offered, especially at the advanced level, that could be useful to language learners.
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Great App to practice Spanish

I like it because it incorporates grammar, visual cues, audio and allows students to practice their knowledge about the target language. The App is for free, so that is a plus. I also liked it because the there matching, it uses boards to match as well, at the end it gives students a score! Once students registered for free they can download their first lesson. It asks them to allow speech recognition. They listen, then they record their own voice.
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Fun way to learn basic Spanish

I think Babbel can work well as a fun enhancement or center activity to a Spanish classroom, but there isn't enough content for it to really teach a language. I do not see any way to create a teacher account linked to students so that teachers can assign lessons and/or monitor student progress, The Spanish presented is with native speakers--good--but it is also Castillian, if that matters to you in your classroom. I would recommend it because I think it is one tool teachers can use, but it cannot replace other forms of learning in the Spanish classroom, just add to them.
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