Language enrichment program engages some students more than others

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think that there are similar tools that are a little bit more engaging. I think this would be best used in very short enrichment opportunities (about 10 minutes) periodically, for example once a week. I liked how easy it was for my students to use.
As mentioned, I appreciated the clear visuals and audio clips. This is definitely not a stand-alone program for fully learning a language, but it can enhance a class and reinforce/introduce certain vocabulary and language concepts. There are also some interesting vocabulary topics offered, especially at the advanced level, that could be useful to language learners.

How I Use It

We used Babbel for enrichment. The first lesson is free, and the rest is paid. Students liked that they could start off at a mostly appropriate level for them, depending on whether they are beginner or advanced. They found it to be extremely easy to use, which I think was refreshing for them. On the other hand, this was not that engaging long-term.
The pictures were really helpful and can assist those who struggle with reading along with all language learners. The audio was clear. I am glad that Babbel recognizes the importance of including audio in a program like this.