Fun way to learn basic Spanish

Submitted 9 years ago
Mara  G.
Mara G.
Greenbush-Middle River School District
Greenbush MN, US
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My Take

I think Babbel can work well as a fun enhancement or center activity to a Spanish classroom, but there isn't enough content for it to really teach a language. I do not see any way to create a teacher account linked to students so that teachers can assign lessons and/or monitor student progress, The Spanish presented is with native speakers--good--but it is also Castillian, if that matters to you in your classroom. I would recommend it because I think it is one tool teachers can use, but it cannot replace other forms of learning in the Spanish classroom, just add to them.

How I Use It

I used this app for extra practice for my students in Spanish class. The program introduces a few words at a time and uses them in context, with spoken and written examples with photos. The app asks for knowledge and spelling at times. The app is clean and not distracting, but also very basic. The first lesson is free, but the rest are not. Students can create their own accounts to track their progress.