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Very unreliable app

I have no idea why the school is still using this highly unreliable aplication for conveying important messages to parents - it should not, and I'm not the only parent in the class who missed the messages because of the software glitch.
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ClassDojo is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with students and their parents regarding academic progress.

ClassDojo is a fantastic teaching tool for teachers because it is interesting and makes possible many activities that, without the use of this technological tool, would be challenging to meet many learning objectives because teachers would have to spend more time trying to cover what ClassDojo facilitates. For example, sharing lessons and assignments with parents. However, in order to use ClassDojo effectively, teachers' knowledge of this technology (TK) is key, so they can benefit from the tools that can also significantly help students.
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I use ClassDojo on the regular and I love that it is safe and secure to message parents, share activities, and personal information about specific children. I love the portfolio feature that allows me to share child-specific materials.

I love it! It is helpful in a variety of contexts and areas in order to address specific needs and behaviors.
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combines the most engaging aspects of social media with effective tools to manage class activities and communicate with students and parents

My favorite part about this website is that I can see it being something students look forward to using. the options to create and customize an avatar that are unlocked by participating in the class give students an added motivation to do their work and engage with one another. I can see this being a great class management tool for remote learning.
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I love ClassDojo, mostly for classroom management, but also for the family connection piece!

My opinion is that I truly enjoy this product as a teaching tool. It is not necessarily a resource to support academics, however it does help to keep students engaged and on task. It also encourages them to participate and behave appropriately and therefore does help with their academics. I think it already serves myself and my students pretty well.
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Wonderful for Teacher - Family Communication

My overall opinion of this as a teaching tool is that it is great addition to lessons on growth mindset, connecting with families to help continuation of learning at home, and for students to be able to share their learning with the teacher. The app also allows the teacher to use it to send out short direct instructional videos, how-to tutorials, and read alouds. I am looking forward to seeing the worksheet addition they are adding this fall. It would be nice to be able to share interactive documents through this app with students.
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Easy to use and safe where parents will always have a control on student activity. It provides unique QR code scanning which helps students to login easily and prevent unauthorized access

ClassDojo should make the video uploading part better.
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ClassDojo is a simple tool used for parent-communication and classroom management.

I love using ClassDojo in my class! It is simple and very helpful for my parents. The app also has a feature that allows parents to translate messages and notifications. This has definitely helped me communicate more efficiently with my ESOL parents. I plan to continue using this tool in my classroom.
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My Students and I love using Dojo! I use Dojo everyday. I use for ClassRoom Management, Warm-Ups and Exit Tickets!

I love using Dojo, I hope you will too!
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Great lessons and great for behavior!

I love that they have videos to go along with concepts now. Not just points for behavior management but things like lessons on growth mindset.
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