ClassDojo is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with students and their parents regarding academic progress.

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Hector J.
Hector J.
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ClassDojo is a fantastic teaching tool for teachers because it is interesting and makes possible many activities that, without the use of this technological tool, would be challenging to meet many learning objectives because teachers would have to spend more time trying to cover what ClassDojo facilitates. For example, sharing lessons and assignments with parents. However, in order to use ClassDojo effectively, teachers' knowledge of this technology (TK) is key, so they can benefit from the tools that can also significantly help students.

How I Use It

Because as a teacher one may design their own reward systems, ClassDojo is a terrific tool for reining in conduct and motivating students. Additionally, bad behavior by students has consequences because points are taken away or negative points are given. In addition, it serves as a channel of communication between parents and teachers as well. This tool acts as a direct substitute to other traditional methods to handle students' behavior, but it does not have a functional change in the development of the lesson because educators could set up a point reward system with other resources, but ClassDojo makes it more engaging for students and educators.