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It's a good tool. Just not teacher friendly now.
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Lessons for every math and science topic

I liked that this website allows you to find activities based on common core standards, textbooks, or grade level. However, many of the math lessons, specifically those for algebra, seemed to be just plain graphs with sliders on the side. I did not find them to be highly engaging or easy to use. The science lessons seemed to have more variety and were more visually pleasing.
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A great tool for students to check up on their work.

My overall opinion about this application is great. This is a great application to use during class because it gives an activity for all students to be engaged in while learning. As well as the activities, there are solutions given to the students, which can be elaborated on by the educators for a clearer explanation of any confusion.
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Great Application to Visualize Chemistry Concepts

This is an amazing tool to help motivated students understand the specifics of certain concepts. The visuals and immediate feedback students receive from playing these games are amazing! However, until teachers have the ability to monitor how long a given student spent practicing a given Gizmo, I’m not sure how well this technology will benefit the unmotivated student as it is easy for students to share the questions and answers to the assessment questions.
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Lots of amazing content.

An excellent tool but requires a lot of time to set up, understand and prepare ahead of time before students actually begin using the platform. it has a lot of practical examples and gets learners to think deeply.
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Engaging Math and Science Interactives

We have recently renewed our school's Gizmo subscription. The student led nature of the interactives make them useful in a variety of classroom settings. My only complaint is that I find the way accounts are organized to be less than ideal for elementary students. (Students create accounts and then join a teacher class using a class code.) Overall, it is a helpful classroom resource.
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Hands on, student driven, without the mess.

I liked all of the great techniques, concepts, and labs that they have available for classroom use. They can also be done for homework if you assign each student a unique password. These activities give us another way to show students important concepts and how they are used in real world application.
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Fun way for learners to visualize topics without the hassle of getting together manipulatives.

I love this product. I wish that you didn't have to pay for a license to use the Gizmos! It also allows students to see the why of a concept instead of just going through the motions.
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Great simulations that can be used in place of laboratory assignments or demonstrations.

I really like using the Gizmos. If you take the time to go through them you can also pick and choose which aspects of a whole simulation you want to use if you don't want to use an entire one which is nice to pinpoint and focus on specific concepts. Sometimes the instructions are vague and it causes issues with understanding for the procedures for the students.
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Great way for students to see applications of math.

Overall, I really like the product. It is a great way to have the students interact with math as opposed to just doing problems. As a teacher, it is an efficient way to collect data on my student's understanding. Because I can immediately see the results to the assessment questions, I can easily determine which students are struggling and differentiate my instruction.
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