A great tool for students to check up on their work.

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion about this application is great. This is a great application to use during class because it gives an activity for all students to be engaged in while learning. As well as the activities, there are solutions given to the students, which can be elaborated on by the educators for a clearer explanation of any confusion.

How I Use It

As a math instructor, I would use this application to show and prove the concepts that are present in the application. There are multiple functions in the applications that require students to be engaged in problems and see the solution step by step, especially for graphs of the answers that show the results much clearer. This is overall a great tool for educators to use during class for teaching topics and concepts. This application requires students to be more engaged in class as they will be required to complete the activities given in the application. Additionally, students will be given a specific solution explanation from the application along with the explanation from the educator.