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Outdated, price is rising, numerous better alternatives

Pro: If you set up a personal account, you can keep all your material when you change teaching jobs.<br><br> Cons: Nine years ago my students were complaining about how old-fashioned it looked. It hasn't changed one bit in all that time.<br> The price listed on isn't up-to-date. It's doubling to $100 for the '20-'21 school year.<br> When I made suggestions to Quia for how to improve (just simply to make the gradebook more manageable by freezing student names on the left and alternating row colors), I was told they're not making ANY improvements.<br> Other sites' LaTeX are much easier and better looking.<br> Google Classroom provides surveys for free.<br> It lacks features of modern quiz-making sites: randomization of answer order, easy and aesthetic LaTeX, timed quizzes, student-pleasing visuals.<br> When the gradebook and roster of one of my classes vanished, they spent days fiddling around before passing it off to their "engineers." Then I was told they couldn't find what had happened after two days. So they burned up the two days on their end, and told me I was out of luck. Sites that maintain gradebooks can't have gradebooks vanish. This is the biggest reason I simply can't continue with Quia, despite all the quizzes I've built up on the site. I'll just have to go through every one, saving it as a PDF, and recreating it on another site.<br> If you want to know where to look for alternatives to Quia, type in "exam software" on Google or here: <br><br> So tech support is weak. So the grading on the left for "Support" is not based on Quia's support of teachers. The question commonsense asked was "A re there supports for different kinds of learners." Entirely different question.
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Worse than the Holocaust?

This is quite possibly the worst product in the world. Not only do you get an entire problem wrong for the smallest errors (i.e forgetting an accent or not capitalizing a letter) but the alotted small you have to write your answers in is just appalling. The $50 price tag to this excuse of a product is robbery. I would rather be deployed in Iraq than use this product one more time.
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Great tool for reviewing concepts learned in the classroom. You can create a variety of games or learning tools that are specific for the content and information you have given the students. The cost is the down side.

Overall, I feel this is a useful tool to help students learn in a fun way.
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Games and quizzes and practice, oh my!

QUIA is useful for all levels of students - advanced learners can challenge themselves, while low literacy students can focus on repetition/flash cards and word find games to reinforce vocabulary. It's easy to navigate, students can find not only my activities but also search for similar ones made by other teachers (i.e. AR verbs, subjunctive, food vocabulary). One thing I must admit is that it takes a LONG time setting up the quizzes and activities. I spend a good 2 hours a week creating quiz banks and activities, but once they are created, they are there forever, just like my SMART board lessons. As part of my "flipped classroom" initiative, one of the things I've tried to do is get review lessons and assessments out of the classroom. While you can't post videos to QUIA, you can create review questions - in any format - as well as activities and quizzes. What I do is create a video lesson on something they SHOULD know (for example, reflexive verbs), and then they have one week to do the activities and practices on QUIA before taking the summative quiz. If they have questions or trouble, as long as they are logged into the system, I have access to their activity and can see exactly where they are making mistakes, so I can help them quickly and individually. Quizzes can be randomly generated through a mass question bank (which you create), so each student gets a unique quiz and the requisite "cheating" is kept to a minimum. Students can use the site by simply searching for your name, or you can create a class list for them, with their own unique user name and password (I change theirs to "Spanish" to make it easy). Again, it's time consuming entering 130+ names into the system, but if I do one or two classes a day, it isn't bad. While it does cost money for an annual license, I am fortunate in that my school has purchased licenses for us for the past several years. Don't be fooled by the non-flashy setup of the website. When you realize just how much QUIA has to offer you (even a gradebook, if you want to go that route), you will want to use it more and more. Baby steps, can be overwhelming!
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Excellent tool for creating review activities!

I really enjoy using Quia and I find it very simple to create neat activities and games. I do think that the difficulty level is most appropriate for average and struggling learners. The activities tend to be too simplistic for my advanced learners. I like having the option of assigning activities or just providing students with a link so that they can chose to complete extra practice if needed. Quia is very user friendly. Some grade book programs allow you to export your class lists directly into Quia. I really appreciate the survey ability of Quia. It helps me collect information from parents, teachers and students quickly and efficiently.
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Great site for review and game based activities for the classroom

I truly love, I have used it for over ten years and it has never disappointed me. It continues to expand it's offering and the price (to me) is extremely reasonable. My students have done so well using it and always seem engaged with the different activities that it offers.
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Tool allows teachers to create online quizzes and activities

Quia is a teacher tool that makes it easy to create online flashcards, reinforcement activities and quizzes.
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I have used Quia for years and really appreciate the tools they provide for test evaluation by teachers.

This is a great tool for giving tests on-line. It provides all the stats a teacher could want to evaluate validity/ reliability, etc of their test questions or evaluating the results of their student's learning. I also love it as a review tool for vocabulary lessons. I wish that quia had some way to lock out opening other browser windows when students are taking a test. Students learn new skills and soon learn how to be sneaky and cheat on the test by opening other windows and hiding them.
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SUPER Flexible online testing and practice tool! Simply AMAZING!

I think Quia is the best testing and practice tool I have ever seen. Better than Edusoft, DataDirector, or IntelAsess! Allows you to provide students questions that have been tagged with one or more labels (think standards, or units, or concepts), randomized distribution of those questions, and a variety of ways to present those questions to students. EASY to create your own questions, but even better...questions can be shared between teachers. You can create tests or quizzes, but you can also create flashcards or games for review. All tests and quizzes can be differentiated for individual students and lots of data can be viewed after students complete an assignment or test/quiz.
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A good starting site for miving to tge digital classroom.

Quia is an economical first step towards a more digital classroom. Lots of teacher effort up front, but high student returns. Can be customized for any content.
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