Outdated, price is rising, numerous better alternatives

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Pro: If you set up a personal account, you can keep all your material when you change teaching jobs.<br><br>

Cons: Nine years ago my students were complaining about how old-fashioned it looked. It hasn't changed one bit in all that time.<br>
The price listed on commonsense.org isn't up-to-date. It's doubling to $100 for the '20-'21 school year.<br>
When I made suggestions to Quia for how to improve (just simply to make the gradebook more manageable by freezing student names on the left and alternating row colors), I was told they're not making ANY improvements.<br>
Other sites' LaTeX are much easier and better looking.<br>
Google Classroom provides surveys for free.<br>
It lacks features of modern quiz-making sites: randomization of answer order, easy and aesthetic LaTeX, timed quizzes, student-pleasing visuals.<br>
When the gradebook and roster of one of my classes vanished, they spent days fiddling around before passing it off to their "engineers." Then I was told they couldn't find what had happened after two days. So they burned up the two days on their end, and told me I was out of luck. Sites that maintain gradebooks can't have gradebooks vanish. This is the biggest reason I simply can't continue with Quia, despite all the quizzes I've built up on the site. I'll just have to go through every one, saving it as a PDF, and recreating it on another site.<br>
If you want to know where to look for alternatives to Quia, type in "exam software" on Google or here: https://www.capterra.com/exam-software/
So tech support is weak. So the grading on the left for "Support" is not based on Quia's support of teachers. The question commonsense asked was "A re there supports for different kinds of learners." Entirely different question.

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Creating homework assignments when WebAssign doesn't match our curriculum