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A great tool to help students understand GPS tracking.

This is a great tool to use with younger children to help them understand GPS technology (especially that which is in our phones). You could use it once to expose the children and encourage them to use it at home with their friends and families.
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Everyone loves the challenge of a treasure hunt, and that’s exactly what Geocaching delivers!

Geocaching CAN be implemented in the classroom without an exorbitant outlay of money, time or energy. Those with Smartphones can download the Geocaching app and within minutes be on their way to a Geocaching adventure. Those with a Garmin or other Global Position System (GPS) can obtain latitude/longitude coordinates from and seek out their treasures. Below are some ideas and suggestions for ways to integrate geocaching into ANY content area’s curriculum. Idea #1: Create a class Travel Bug and deposit it into a local cache. Follow the bug’s journey and map the route. Idea #2: During a field trip, take a side trip to a nearby cache. Idea #3: Plant a class cache and watch as visitors log in from all over. Create a map documenting visitors. Idea #4: Research the history of local landmarks. Create a cache at a location that describes the history of that site. Idea #5: Investigate and locate Earthcaches via Google Earth Idea #6: Conduct a GPS Scavenger Hunt on your school property Idea #7: Identify different varieties of trees in a nature preserve (or on your school grounds) and record their coordinates. Then challenge other students to find the trees given specific coordinates. Idea #8: Create a cultural cache. Fill a cache with items reflecting your region. Encourage visitors to log their reaction/responses to share with your class. Idea #9: Organize a community CITO “Cache in Trash Out” Day Geocaching can be a wonderful tool to enhance student understanding of geography, location and place, science and nature, scientific inquiry, mathematical concepts, physical education, problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking as well as language arts activities.
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Fun app to get kids outside!

The kids and I enjoyed being able to search and find caches close to school. We often took walking field trips to a cache. It really fostered team work and communication as a small group had to share one device. The interface was clear and easy to use, clues and information is very easy to access. The free app really is not conducive to group work outside of the school - go for the paid.
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Geocaching is a fantastic tool for learning latitude and longitude!

Although Geocaching is labeled as use for older students, I felt it perfectly appropriate in my 5th grade classroom. is a great tool for extending the concepts of geography and coordinate geometry outside of the classroom. It gave students a real-world application to using GPS and latitude and longitude outside of locating faraway places on a map. By learning about GPS and triangulation, students were able to calculate hypotenuses and relate that back to how GPS triangulates locations using latitude and longitude. I loved how geocaching gave students an opportunity to see Math and Geography used in the real world. I would like to see offer teacher accounts so that this tool can be used more effectively in the classroom. For example, currently, each student needed to set up their own account and download their own Android app in order to locate nearby geocaches. It would be great if a teacher could set up an account for his/her classroom and add their students. This would ease the use of geocaching in the classroom.
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Great place to learn about geocaching. is the go to place for learning about geocaching. is a great tool to use if you want to reinforce geography and measurement skills by finding a geocache. It will not teach your students content, but is a great resource for getting students out of the classroom to provide a hands on experience with a GPS. You will want to spend some time looking over the site and reviewing the guidelines for finding caches. Take along some small items to leave in the cache if you plan on allowing your students to remove items from the cache. You are not guaranteed what you will find in the cache. I have never found anything inappropriate, but I have found the cache empty. You will need GPS devices or you can use smartphones with the app. My students love hunting around for "treasure." In time, they will want to hide their own cache for others to find and enjoy.
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