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Wordflex makes spelling interactive and helps users to improve comprehension and word usage.

This app can turn kids into real word lovers. It is the kind of app that a kid can get lost in. It is perfect for ELL's and also for the gifted student who wants to build vocabulary. It is ideal for SAT prep.
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Love the Visual Word Graphics!

If I were an English teacher, I would use this app for everything. I like Visual Thesaurus also, but this app is pretty great too.
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A great way to learn about words

One of my all time favorite apps. How many dictionary apps and websites are there available? More than needed, but this app is like no other. The visual effects actually make vocabulary work interesting. If. Could install this app on every student iPad I would. The two downfalls include the cost $11.99 and the storage size. This app is comprehensive and data of course uses storage. You have to weigh your options of an online dictionary in the standard format versus lose of storage for other applications in order to gain a whole new dictionary experience.
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This is an amazing product. Worth every penny. It gives students a visual for word expression. It is highly addicitve.

Fabulous way to "show" the meanings of words, their origins, meanings and applications.
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Interactive dictionary app visually wows and enhances vocabulary

Wordflex Touch Dictionary is an iPad app that will impress you and your students visually, but it is more than just a pretty face. Users type in a word for which they are seeking a definition, but the results give them much more. In a web-like format, the sought-out word appears, along with pronunciation guide (with audio pronunciations), syntax, definitions categorized by parts of speech, derivatives, and commonly used phrases. Users tap individual parts of the web to learn more about those components. For instance, the word parade can be used as both a verb and noun, so if a user seeks the noun definition, he or she can tap on the definition "procession" to find out more about that definition. From there, the interactive web will take a user on and on. The Wordflex format is very similar to the presentation platform Prezi. The app is visually appealing, user-friendly, and almost limitless in its capacities to inform and educate any sort of user. The only restrictive qualities of this app are that it is not appropriate for students under nine years of age, and the cost is relatively high (almost $12).
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Great dictionary/thesaurus supports language learning at all levels

I give this app 5 stars. Students enjoy the visual layout of this "mind-map like" dictionary/thesaurus. It is very easy to navigate. The app provides the user with definitions, synonyms, antonyms as well as sentences and similar ideas. This is the first app choice students use when confronted with new vocabulary because the layout presentation allows them locate words they already know which are similar concepts as new word being learned, allowing them to draw on prior understanding. As a teacher, I love this app because during reading students always ask, "what is that word?" This app created an environment conducive to self-exploration and critical thinking as they build connection s with known vocabulary.
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