A great way to learn about words

Submitted 10 years ago
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One of my all time favorite apps. How many dictionary apps and websites are there available? More than needed, but this app is like no other. The visual effects actually make vocabulary work interesting. If. Could install this app on every student iPad I would. The two downfalls include the cost $11.99 and the storage size. This app is comprehensive and data of course uses storage. You have to weigh your options of an online dictionary in the standard format versus lose of storage for other applications in order to gain a whole new dictionary experience.

How I Use It

My students always rave for this app. At this point it is only installed on my teacher iPad due to cost. Therefore we use it mostly whole group or on occasion when I am not using my iPad and a student has access to it. Word work is completed all year long so this app has unlimited usefulness.