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Not Impressed.

I didn't like this product as a teaching tool. I understand that some classes use it as an introduction to video editing, but I didn't find that it worked as a presentation tool for classes not editing-focused. For an ELA teacher, I didn't understand how I could incorporate this software into my classroom.
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Good tool for presentations and an introduction to video editing

The students enjoy working with Animoto because it is easy to use, and it provides a quick sense of accomplishment with little effort. I'm using Animoto as an introduction to video editing. Animoto gives students a general overview of the elements needed to create good video content.
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With a little practice students can create gorgeous and creative videos

It will take some time to set this resource up and additional time to teach your students how to use it- but once you've done these two tasks, this is an amazing resource for students to synthesize and demonstrate their learning. Great tool to play around with during the summer break to familiarize yourself before the school year starts! :)
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Free, student-friendly tool for creating movies!

Overall, I would definitely use this product again in my classroom. Animoto is a fun alternative to a traditional powerpoint. Animoto fueled my students' curiosity and passion for this particular project. My students thoroughly enjoyed this tool and were extremely proud of their final product and couldn't wait to share it with their parents and our school community. The only downfall is that if you use the free version, your final video will have an Animoto watermark on it. Aside from that, the free version is the way to go! Also, if I were to do this project again, I would probably use no more than four students per group.
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Easy to use and great visual for student presentations!

I really like Animoto. The only downfall is that they used to be completely free for classrooms and now there is some cost to have classes set up. Teachers like free, so I'm hoping they will go back to that. I like that students can easily drag in video and pictures, put them in order, add in their text, and don't have to worry about breaking copyright rules with music since they have some within the site to choose from. I also like how proud of students are when they click on publish and see their work. They have something to show and are proud of the way it looks!
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Easy Digital Storytelling to Teach Students the Basics

Overall, a good beginning digital storytelling tool. You have to remember that your students will be limited in what they can do with this tool (that's either a great thing or a bad thing!) The student accounts limit the length of the video. The final product is easy to share/download so a student can present to the class. I think you can hit some higher level thinking if you plan the assignment well- make the task require some interpretation and planning ahead of time for the students. The making of the video itself will not require higher-order thinking.
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Video Fun Across the Curriculum

Great tool that supports the creation of a video that allows the student to focus on the material/information that they want to share while relying on the chosen template to produce the transitions and background of the video. The students need to be precise in their wording and can upload pictures. I have used this product across the curriculum: biographies, biomes, class projects, student created Words of Wisdom, and even language reviews. The students love the template choices, music and independence they have in putting together their video--adding captions to their pictures and text to support their ideas. The finished product is a wonderful professional video and can be shared by a link. This is an engaging and creative tool for students and adults.
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Animoto is a great way to combine text, photo, or graphics to tell a story about the lesson.

I like that I could get an educator account and share Animoto with my class. Students liked the ability to include more graphics to tell their story when they went in on an educator's account. Educators need to limit students when using the educator's account or the students will create monster presentations.
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Creativity and deep thinking in simple steps

Animoto is a great way to apply knowledge to a creative project. Students are able to combine basic knowledge with stylistic creation to develop projects of which they can be proud, which is a goal of all teachers and schools. Because it is web-based, students can access it with nearly any device and anywhere there is an internet connection. With a few more options, Animoto could be a go to tool for all slideshow/video makers.
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Exciting videos are easy to create with Animoto!

I love that this app can be successfully used with students with a wide range of technology skills. The students who are not very technology savvy can choose to utilize one of the premade templates to create a snazzy, impressive video very easily. For the students who are a little more experience using technology, the slides on the app can be totally customized. I also like the fact that the app is free (with opportunity to extend content with a subscription). I do wish that students were able to customize the music used on the slides with the free version, as this was important to my students.
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