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This website has endless instructions to do anything you could possibly think of. I like how it breaks it down so that you can search different categories.

I think this is a teaching tool that you could add to things that you already have. I liked that you can research by different categories instead of it all being thrown together.
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The "IT" of Do-It-Yourself websites

This is a good teaching tool as it provides a way to make (sometimes) advanced objects out of (sometimes) common materials. These can be used inside and outside the classroom. Definitely the go-to place for instructions on classroom models that might be too expensive to purchase for the school budget.
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The website is a great resource for design and 3d printing ideas.

I liked all the different design ideas that can be found on the site. I have noticed ads for items not appropriate for students such as Mike's Hard drinks. Also, some of the design ideas are not for students but a teacher can use the site for their own research and only use the designs they feel are appropriate for students.
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Create and Share; Great FACS Application

As a FACS teacher, technology that helps in the classroom can be challenging to come by. Using this website, it was easy for students to create their own recipes in a multimedia format. It was great for advancing the learning of both high level learners as well as general ones.
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Easily accessible, and inspirational for all ages

Instructables was a great resource for our tech club. Students were inspired to take on projects when they saw them broken down into steps. Students also appreciated the amount of projects done by younger students including the boy that made an aluminum forge.
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