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BrainPOP Jr. is an engaging resource that adequately promotes fun learning!

BrainPOP Jr. is a great resource! It touches on a variety of subjects such as math, science, reading, writing, social studies, art, and even health! Within these broader topics, there are various subtopics that specialize in a smaller scope of information, complete with a lesson plan, quiz, and other interactive tools to use in class. The site is full of bright colors and intricate animations, creating an enticing presentation for students who may have short attention spans or learning deficits. What I think is so great about this site, is the health section, because despite your primary subject, it touches on things such as mental health and issues some students may be going through, such as divorce or bullying. These sensitive topics may be difficult for some students, and they may not have a trusted adult to speak with about concerns they have. Showing these videos are a great way to establish trust and promote a comfortable environment within your classroom for students to know they are not alone. Not only that, but the videos are very informative and easily explain tough topics in a way young students understand. I actually remember using BrainPOP Jr. when I was a middle school student, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the information was presented.
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Excellent tool for students if they are looking forward to learn!

I find Brain POP to be very effective because it has every subject that teachers can use. It has videos, quizzes, and games to help students understand the topic and get better at their academics.
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Entertaining and kid friendly videos that make learning more efficient and fun.

I generally have a very positive opinion on this teaching tool. The aspect of learning visually for younger children through fun and unique videos seems very beneficial. It has potential to get children more involved in the learning process by learning visually, for children who have trouble learning in other ways. Overall, a very useful tool to educate the younger students.
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A great way to further the learning experience.

I think videos are a great way for students to stay engaged. This app contains short videos which could be used to introduce or reinforce any topic. watching videos as a class to help them grasp the topic, can further their curiosity especially when engaging in a discussion throughout the video.
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Fun and Interactive Learning Site

This site can be very useful for both group and individual work. Teachers can have students play games to improve skills, or even assign quizzes to see where the class is at academically.
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Engages Students in Learning!

I like this product because it explains the topic using animations. Students enjoy playing and want to spend more time on such websites.
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This is honestly one of the best ways to engage your students while also giving them a refresher on the information.

Overall I love this project as a teaching tool. I can vividly remember using brain pop when I was in elementary school, and how everyone absolutely loved it and provided their undivided attention once it began. It can also be a good way to interact with the entire class through doing things such as having groups of students vote on what the answer should be for the quizzes afterwards. This is a really great and fun way to get across to your younger students and keep them engaged with the lesson.
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A great tool to utilize in the classroom!

It is easy for a student to become distracted or unfocused when a teacher is continuously talking. This product helps keep the student engaged while still delivering knowledge in a fun and enthusiastic way. I also quite like how the videos provide a visual to further assist the student in better understanding the topic at hand. The activities that are connected to the videos are great ways for teachers to see where the student stands after watching the video and seeing how much they understand. I especially like the Draw it out and Belly Up activities provided with every video, it provides a creative outlet for students to express and understand the information presented.
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Love it for a Heterogeneous 3rd Grade Class!

This can be used independently and as a whole class which make it extremely versatile. It connects to Google Classroom so things can be utilized in class as a lesson and at home as a review. I do wish there was a better connection between BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. For some children that are working below grade level and need more of the Jr. side of the BrainPop family may be a bit embarrassed to be in Jr. However, I am extremely pleased with BrainPop Jr.
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Do you like to learn with movies and music? If so, then you will like Brain pop jr.!

I like the fact that there are many and varied activities for all students. I will continue to use it.
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