Love it for a Heterogeneous 3rd Grade Class!

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

This can be used independently and as a whole class which make it extremely versatile. It connects to Google Classroom so things can be utilized in class as a lesson and at home as a review.

I do wish there was a better connection between BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. For some children that are working below grade level and need more of the Jr. side of the BrainPop family may be a bit embarrassed to be in Jr. However, I am extremely pleased with BrainPop Jr.

How I Use It

I teach in an ICT class with a few students who are English language learners. I am able to provide work for both my English speaking/reading students and for my Spanish speaking/reading students and have them both actively engaged. I also love that various quizzes are available to students to accommodate their abilities. I also love that it can be used for students of varied abilities. The whole BrainPop family is an excellent tool.