A great tool to utilize in the classroom!

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

It is easy for a student to become distracted or unfocused when a teacher is continuously talking. This product helps keep the student engaged while still delivering knowledge in a fun and enthusiastic way. I also quite like how the videos provide a visual to further assist the student in better understanding the topic at hand. The activities that are connected to the videos are great ways for teachers to see where the student stands after watching the video and seeing how much they understand. I especially like the Draw it out and Belly Up activities provided with every video, it provides a creative outlet for students to express and understand the information presented.

How I Use It

Great for integrating into a whole class led discussion as well as group learning. I would use this product to assist in further engaging the students by providing them with the option to watch videos related to class topics and getting further application by completing the quizzes and working on the other activities provided, such as Word Play, Draw About it, and Belly Up.