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great learning tool

I like the app's fast pace and the variety of difficulty levels. Students can feel accomplished rather than discouraged as they go through the stages since the difficulty increases gradually. Due to the limited number of words, it is ideal for kids who have difficulty reading. Due to the game's great style, kids are interested and don't feel like they're completing math assignments.
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This is an really intersting app that I think many students will enjoy.

I really like how the app can integrate learning into playing games. I believe this is a great app for young or struggling students to learn basic concepts of algebra visually before they get into the complex parts with numbers and variables. I believe this would allow students to be more interesting with math since it's usually intimating for some students.
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A Great Way for Students to Learn and Play

After playing around with the app, I think this is a perfect addition to a lesson. It is engaging, and fun and students will play and learn at the same time. While playing, it doesn't even feel like you are learning math! It is nice that as the levels go on, the equations get more challenging to provide a challenge for the students. I think this is a good app for middle school students because it might be confusing or complex for younger kids since the app doesn't provide any hints or clues. The graphics could use more work, but overall it is a very well-designed app and gets the job done. I definitely see myself using this in the classroom or having my students play this at home for extra practice. It's engaging and fun, and I even had a good time playing it.
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Great app for teaching algebraic thinking, but really young kids may get frustrated quickly.

I went through all of the levels myself, and I think the app is a great teaching tool. The developers could probably do a bit more to make the game a little more attractive to youngsters. The dragons could look a little friendlier or more comical. I think this app is probably ideal for lower elementary students, but kindergartners might hit a wall or lose interest in the app.
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Helpful for Understanding Balancing Equations

I like the quick pace of the app and the different levels. The levels get progressively more difficult, but little by little so students are able to feel successful as they progress rather than frustrated. There are few words so it works well for students who struggle with reading. Since the game format is so strong students are engaged and don't really feel that they're "doing math". This tech connection has helped some students who previously didn't understand balancing equations to catch on when we go back to numbers.
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Algebra fun? Yep, ages 5+ learn as they go!

This is a fantastic conceptual algebra learning app. has more details. Algebra skills increase gradually building on conceptual learnings and extending to more complex algebraic concepts. It's a wonderful "at your own pace" self-learning tool that has practical implications.
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Algebra concepts taught initially without the distraction of numbers.

I first read about DragonBox in the App Store and doubted it would be a good tool for learning. After downloading it, I realized that it is an exceptional app for showing young or struggling students how to master basic algebra concepts using pictures at first before moving into numbers or variables. I gave a small group that was struggling with single variable equations DragonBox and watched as they conquered each level. As they neared the end of the game, one student exclaimed they understood how to solve the problem they could not earlier. Only con I see is assistance is sparse when students are at a loss of where to start the process.
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Great at teaching the rules of Algebra-

This is an engaging game for a student at any math level. Students will gain a knowledge of the rules without the theory.
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Students beg to play Dragonbox, and it's a powerful learning tool!

This app takes very little teacher time - there are hints the students can use within the app. I like introducing the app to explicitly draw the connection between this "game" and Algebra but I have given the students the app with no explanation and they're able to figure it out very quickly. They teach each other and own it. There is now a Dragon Box 12+ which gets into more complex equations - very powerful! The game starts with algebraic concepts displayed in images and as students progress they transition to numbers - very helpful for different types of learners and would be a great tool for ELL because no English is necessary to play!
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Excellent introduction to basic algebraic thinking, as well as reinforcement.

Dragon Box is a non threatening introduction to algebraic thinking The app teaches how to solve for an unknown and balance an equation without every realizing you are engaging in math.
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