Students beg to play Dragonbox, and it's a powerful learning tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This app takes very little teacher time - there are hints the students can use within the app. I like introducing the app to explicitly draw the connection between this "game" and Algebra but I have given the students the app with no explanation and they're able to figure it out very quickly. They teach each other and own it.
There is now a Dragon Box 12+ which gets into more complex equations - very powerful!
The game starts with algebraic concepts displayed in images and as students progress they transition to numbers - very helpful for different types of learners and would be a great tool for ELL because no English is necessary to play!

How I Use It

I use Dragon Box as a choice for preferred activity in my pre-Algebra class. Students also come in early to play this "game". I also reference Dragon Box while teaching math (for example: "Just like in Dragon Box, anything - a number or a dragonfly- over itself equals one" or "I'm cracking, I'm cracking! Remember whenever you do an operation to one side of the equation you have to do the same thing to the other side.")

Students compete with each other to progress in levels. Overall, I don't need to "use it", the kids use it, own it, and learn algebra!