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Become a Common Sense District

Earning recognition as a Common Sense District shows your community that your district is committed to providing safe and innovative spaces for students to thrive as they harness the potential of technology for learning and life. To earn your district badge: 

  • Seventy-five percent of schools in your district must have a current Common Sense School badge, earning recognition during the previous or current school year.
  • Engage families district-wide in at least three ways with Common Sense resources. 

See the Common Sense School Road Map for school criteria and ways to engage families. 

    Benefits to becoming a Common Sense District: 

    • District-wide implementation supports a healthy district culture where your whole community is invested in helping kids thrive as digital learners and citizens.
    • Keep valuable federal support (i.e., E-rate funding).
    • Develop your road map to school- and district-wide digital citizenship implementation.
    • Earn a district badge that publicly affirms your commitment to digital learning and citizenship.


    Ready to apply?

    Reminder: At least 75% of schools in your district must already have earned Common Sense School recognition before you submit the Common Sense District application. 

    Apply here.

    Applications are rolling and accepted between August 2021 and June 30, 2022.


    Please read through our FAQ in the Help Center. If you have further questions, please post in the Common Sense Education Community or email [email protected] and enter Recognition in the subject line.