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Common Sense Districts

Common Sense Districts

Earning recognition as a Common Sense District shows your community that it is dedicated to redefining the way students interact with technology and helping them harness the full power of technology for learning. Reaching Common Sense District status takes a dedicated group of leaders to ensure at least 50 percent of schools have met the Common Sense School criteria. If applicable, the district must have a plan to reach the remaining percentage of schools over the next two years.
Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be open the first week of October.

What is a Common Sense District?

This is an official stamp of recognition from Common Sense Education for districts that are dedicated to teaching digital citizenship to young people and to taking a whole-community approach. Specifically, this program recognizes districts where at least 50 percent of their schools in the first year meet Common Sense School Recognition by using the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum, Digital Passport™, Digital Compass, and/or Digital Bytes, as well as engaging parents and educating them about media and technology issues. The district must also have a plan for the remainder of its schools to reach Common Sense School status over the next two years.

Why become a Common Sense District?

Being a Common Sense District is an official stamp of recognition from Common Sense Education. If your district is integrating more technology in the classroom, receiving Common Sense Recognition demonstrates to parents your district's commitment to teaching students to use their devices in enriching and responsible ways. Further, our criteria helps your district keep valuable federal support for technology while turning your students into safe, smart, and responsible digital citizens!


Please read through our FAQ. If you have further questions, please post in the Common Sense community or email [email protected].
So you can let your community know that you're a Common Sense District, we'll send you:
  1. A digital badge you can display on your website, email signatures, and elsewhere.
  2. An image of a banner to print and display.
  3. A letter that you can send to your district superintendent notifying him or her of the school’s achievement.
  4. A template of a press release you can complete and share with your local newspaper.

What's the process?

For your district to become a Common Sense District, at least 50 percent of your schools must have met the Common Sense School criteria before you apply.

Congratulations, Common Sense District!

Ready? Please apply here. Once you apply, you should hear within two weeks whether or not your application has been approved. Once approved, you will receive a badge and an image of a banner for your district to print with your congratulatory email.

Please note: the district project lead has the option to upload this School Worksheet Excel doc and apply on behalf of the schools and/or apply on behalf of educators, using this Teacher Worksheet Excel doc. Project leads will receive an email with detailed instructions on how and where to upload the Excel docs after they submit a Common Sense District Application, including the District and School Application ID. Please see our FAQ for more details.  ​​

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