Classroom Posters

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do's and Don'ts for Teachers

Social media can be a great classroom tool for modeling what good digital citizenship looks like. These guidelines help teachers protect students’ privacy while teaching them responsible, creative, and critical participants in the digital world. Great for the Teacher's Lounge!

Download the Do's and Don'ts poster. 


Challenge middle and high school students to take news literacy to the next level with these rules for identifying "legit" content. This poster informs students with telltale signs of quality news stories, questionable stories, and fake stories.

Download the Legit-O-Meter poster.

Deceptive Detective

Help your elementary students start to build their crucial news- and media- literacy skills by learning how critique and analyze media with these key questions. 

Download the Deceptive Detective poster.

Fake or Real?

Can your students tell the difference between fact and fiction? Use this poster to help identify some of those red flags and promote critical thinking when consuming news and other content online.  

Download the Fake or Real poster. 

Are We Using Devices Now?

Those of you who use devices in your classroom are probably very familiar with the daily question, “Are we using devices now?” One way to tackle that refrain is to have a visual cue for the answer in your classroom! Set expectations using this poster with your students, and use the suggestions to begin a group conversation about what each color means in your class's own words. Get as clever or as descriptive as you need!

Download the Are We Using Devices Now poster (en español).

Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Inspired by our digital citizenship music video co-produced with Flocabulary, Oversharing: Think Before You Post, these posters capture tips for posting online and remind kids to be thoughtful about their digital footprints now and in the future.

Download the Top 10 Things To Think About Before You Post poster (en español).

Pause & Think Online 

Great for elementary students, this series of seven lyrical posters from our musical debut, Pause & Think Online song and video, is a great way to bring digital citizenship basics to your classroom with fun, engaging, colorful characters.

Download the set of Pause & Think Online posters (en español).

All Digital Citizens 

What makes a digital citizen? Display this reminder in your classroom to help younger students remember to protect private information, respect themselves and others, stay safe online, stand up to cyberbullying, and balance the time they spend using media.

Download the All Digital Citizens poster.


Should I Share? 

Young people love to instantly share photos of their friends and family online. But there are some cases where a photo shouldn't be posted or shared. Hang this poster in your hallway to help students decide if posting their new pic is a good idea.

Download the Should I Share poster. 




We, The Digital Citizens Pledge To...

We teamed up with Edmodo to bring you this fun classroom poster. The essentials of digital citizenship (such as showing respect, giving credit, and standing up to cyberbullying) are all there - but we've also left a few blank lines for your class to discuss and add their own thoughts to the pledge before they sign.

Download the We, the Digital Citizens, Pledge To... poster.

Device Care & Maintenance (elementary) 

Help remind your younger students to keep their new tablet safe, dry, charged, and shared with these 5 basic rules.

Download the Device Care & Maintenance poster (en español).

Device Care & Maintenance Poster (middle and high school)

Hang this poster in your classroom to remind secondary students to treat tablets with care.

Download the Device Care & Maintenance poster (en español).