Grade 2

We, the Digital Citizens

How can we be good digital citizens?

Students explore the amazing possibilities that come with using technology. They'll also learn from the Digital Citizens, who take a pledge to be safe, responsible, and respectful when traveling through the online world.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Understand that being a good digital citizen means being safe and responsible online.
  • Take a pledge to be a good digital citizen.
Key Vocabulary: digital citizen  ·  pledge
digital citizen:
someone who uses technology safely and responsibly
a promise that one makes
Song characters
This lesson meets standards for Common Core ELACASELAASLand ISTESee standards
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15 mins.
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Lesson Plan

20 mins.
Extension Activity:

Have the class come up with a set of norms they will follow when they go online. Students can then create a pledge poster to show their commitment to being good digital citizens. The Group Pledge Student Handout in the Our Digital Citizenship Pledge lesson (3rd grade) can be a good reference.

What You'll Need

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Classroom resources

  • Lesson Slides
  • Video: We the Digital Citizens
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    English Spanish
  • Download song: Original Instrumental
  • Sheet Music
  • Pause & Think Moment Handout
  • Coloring Book
  • Poster: Song Lyrics
  • Poster: The Digital Citizens

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