Grade 1

Pause & Think Online

How can we be safe, responsible, and respectful online?
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This lesson meets standards for CASEL, AASL and ISTE.

From our head down to our toes, and our feet up to our nose, the Digital Citizens teach students how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online.

Students will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of being safe, responsible, and respectful online.
  • Learn the "Pause & Think Online" song to remember basic digital citizenship concepts.

Lesson Snapshot

  Estimated time: 25 mins.
Pause & Think Online
5 mins.
Head to Toe
15 mins.
Pause & Think Moment
5 mins.

What You'll Need

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Lesson Slides
Video: Pause & Think Online Watch
Download Song: Original Instrumental
Sheet Music
Student Handout: Pause & Think Moment Student Version
Coloring Book
Poster: Song Lyrics
Poster: The Digital Citizens
Take-home resources
Family Activity