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Webinar Spotlight: Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Social Media Use

Join educators around the globe to learn from Dr. Elizabeth Englander.

Kelly Mendoza | December 15, 2014

Our latest webinar hosted by our Digital Citizenship community on edWeb, “Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Social Media Use,had a record-breaking 427 attendees, the highest number of live attendees we've ever had in an edWeb webinar! Educators from around the globe came to learn from Dr. Elizabeth Englander, professor of psychology at Bridgewater State University. Elizabeth covered what she's learned through her research on youth, including

  • How prolific are cyberbullying and sexting among youth?
  • What are effective and ineffective responses?
  • Latest trends in kids’ behavior, including "self-cyberbullying" and "vamping"

Webinar Highlights

6:43 -- "Every year the child gets older, their digital interactions impact their overall social functioning more and more."

19:56 -- "It turns out that one of the things that leads people to do and say things which feel very private is when they’re actually in a private physical space. So if you're sitting at home in your living room or bedroom, you know the Internet’s not private but what you’re doing with somebody else sort of feels private."

33:22 -- "Another issue that is a little peculiar that you may have never heard of is something called self-cyberbullying. This is a problem where kids essentially go online, they create a second persona online, and they use their second identity to cyberbully their first identity themselves. And then they take evidence of this to either their friends or to adults, and they say essentially ‘see, I'm being cyberbullied.’ It's one of these issues that I thought was going to be very rare. However, we've been tracking it for three years now, and we’ve found that about 15 percent of kids admit to doing this."

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