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Vote for Common Sense Education's SXSWedu Panels

Topics:   Privacy & Security

Privacy, ELL edtech, and what we've learned from our site's 3,000 reviews.

Joyce Slaton | August 16, 2016

Leading education conference SXSWedu 2017 doesn't start until March 6 -- but long before then, the con's Panel Picker will help decide which sessions will be presented there. Help Common Sense Education bring the insights we've gleaned from the last year of working with school leaders nationwide by voting for our panels. Community voting ends September 2, so please vote today. 

Proposed Sessions

What Can We Learn from 3,000 EdTech Reviews?

For the past four years, Common Sense Education has been rating and reviewing edtech. Along the way we've conducted nearly 3,000 in-depth evaluations of tools paired with 9,000 from-the-field reviews from teachers. This unique data offers valuable, industry-leading insights on what's good and what's not in edtech, including the key gaps and blind spots in the market, points of oversaturation, usage trends, and what teachers really want. This session offers a first, exclusive look at what we've found. 

Is the Best EdTech for ELLs Hiding in Plain Sight?

Teachers use a variety of digital tools in supporting English language learners (ELLs). Yet some of the best tools for this aren't obviously ELL-specific -- some aren't even specific to education. As the technologies behind digital tools rapidly evolve, this session is a place to share, collaborate, and generate new ideas and best practices around using digital tools in ELL classrooms.

Practical Privacy and Security. Really.

Frequently, conversations about privacy and security never get past vague advice short on actionable steps. In this session, we document specific steps accessible to nontechnical people. These steps provide a concrete and replicable process to help begin to quantify actual risk rather than react to vague fears.

Helping Parents Guide Kids' Media Use

As K-12 schools integrate technology, helping parents guide kids' media use is more important than ever. But what makes for effective parent engagement around media and technology? (Hint: It's not a school assembly held once a year.) In this panel, hear from schools, districts, and nonprofits about what effective parent engagement looks like, how schools can address the unique needs of caregivers in their communities, and co-engagement ideas where media brings parents and kids together.

Equity * Access * Learning: Broadband 2.0

Do you want to ensure effective digital learning experiences for all learners? If yes, first provide seamless access to high-speed broadband inside and outside school for all learners -- no exceptions. The need for speed is no longer an afterthought in education; instead it is fundamental to implementing student-centered learning models to ensure high-quality learning experiences. Access enables students to create content and participate in online courses and video-conferencing with experts. Hear examples of transformative learning experiences, including robot building and programming, Minecraft gaming in action, and project-based learning experiences enabled by high-speed broadband access.