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Spring Privacy Intern Report

Posted by Jill Bronfman for Taylor Deitrick

Jill Bronfman | May 26, 2020

Hello. I'm Taylor Deitrick, and I have had the pleasure of being on the Common Sense Privacy Program team as their spring 2020 privacy law legal Intern. I currently am a second-year law student at Santa Clara School of Law and have declared the privacy law certification. The privacy law certification allows students interested in privacy to take privacy law-related courses, complete a privacy-related internship, and gain other practical skills from certifications and from publishing an article in an area of their interest. Before starting at Common Sense, I had little practical experience in the privacy field but had completed privacy law courses at Santa Clara. I have been interested in consumer privacy and data protection since I was an undergrad, and this experience has helped me solidify my interest in the privacy field. 

My experience at Common Sense has been nothing short of amazing. I have worked on a varying degree of projects with the Privacy Program and was even able to help out with Kids Action. Common Sense Kids Action works on privacy issues as well but from the legislative and policy angles. From my first day at my internship, I was exposed to the many different projects the Privacy Program has. In fact, one of my first assignments was to write a blog post for Privacy Awareness Day. Also, I was able to work on both basic and full privacy evaluations, which allowed me to think critically about privacy policies and terms of service with regard to legal compliance and consumer protection. The evaluations also translated into my coursework and other projects, which enabled me to see firsthand how the law is put into practical use. Additionally, I was able to work on different research papers dealing with current and future privacy issues. Taking a deep dive into the concepts had me approach familiar topics in an informative and persuasive manner and allowed me to consider where policies and practices today can or should go. Plus, the research paper also provided me the opportunity to build on my own research and legal writing skills. 

Overall, my experience at Common Sense has made me excited to be a part of the privacy and data protection world. The passion and different approaches the Privacy Program utilizes to bring awareness to privacy and data protection for consumers has exposed me to different paths a legal degree can provide and the ever-evolving field of privacy.