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Spectacular Apps, Games, and Websites for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Topics:   Equity & Inclusion

Bridge the gap between technology and education for students on the autism spectrum.

Kira DeVaul | April 7, 2015

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, this week's featured Top Picks lists highlight the best edtech for kids on the autism spectrum. For these kids, technology can act as a bridge -- helping them unlock their potential by improving verbal communication, developing social skills, enhancing the ability to learn and organize information, and improving their overall understanding of their environment. Technology can also be extremely helpful for parents and teachers of kids with autism, as apps, games, and websites can replace more expensive specialized devices. The lists here include more than 40 apps, games, and websites focused on four important areas of growth: executive function, social skills, language skills, and emotional intelligence.


Best Apps and Sites for Improving Executive Function

Executive function -- how to plan, organize, remember, and carry out tasks -- is tied closely to success in school and life. Most kids struggle with these skills, and some kids face significant challenges. These apps and sites help get them on the right path.

Special Needs Apps for Social Skills

These apps will help kids express themselves, interact with others, identify and manage emotions, and develop meaningful relationships.

Special Needs Apps for Language Skills

These engaging, thoughtful, and accessible apps help kids with speech challenges build foundational language skills and alternative means of expression.

Emotional Intelligence Apps and Games

This collection of top-notch apps and games will help students with everything from anger management to emotional identification to meditation.