Promote the home-school connection with our newest resource for your digital citizenship toolkit.

As educators, we know that having our students' families' involvement is essential. And when it comes to something as important as digital citizenship, knowing that our students' families are clued in can have a huge impact on learning-outcome retention and awareness. Developing a strong home-school relationship can promote student learning and engagement as well as ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In looking to help educators promote that home-school connection, we are excited to announce our newest resource, which you can add to your home-school toolbox around digital citizenship. Our new Family Activity Worksheets take inspiration from the beloved Highlights Kids worksheets that always made their way home in our backpacks throughout elementary school.

Aligned to each lesson in our Digital Citizenship Curriculum, the new Family Activity Worksheets look to bring parents and caregivers into the conversation. Families can test their digital citizenship skills together and explore new tips and tricks to getting the most out of their digital lives in a respectful and responsible way. The worksheets are made up of mini-puzzles and fun, quick activities that families can do together in a no-tech, low-tech, or high-tech way. Pair each activity worksheet with its associated lesson, or use them to introduce various topics and ideas to your students and their families at home.

Also available in Spanish here!


Brisa A.

My former role at Common Sense as education content producer allowed me to blend my psychology background with my love for technology in producing and developing new digital citizenship literacy tools to foster safe, responsible and aware digital citizens. I enjoy creating programs and tools that help our youth reflect and cultivate awareness around their digital use.