Eight quirky animated characters encourage students to make wise decisions online.

Say hello to the newest members of the Common Sense family. Our new educational interactive for middle schoolers, Digital Compass, has a slew of fun and quirky animated characters that will make exploring the digital literacy and citizenship world ... well, a little more entertaining for students. Each humanoid character must navigate a unique digital dilemma reflecting real-world issues and events that shape how our students move through the digital landscape.


rhoda character
Grade 10 | Wallflower
Digital Dilemma: Cyberbullying and Digital Drama


Rhoda is known for keeping a low profile with her petals in the books, but she's quickly thrown onto a roller coaster of digital drama when her friend gets swept up in a new online romance. Tempted to react in ways that might seem out of character, Rhoda comes face to face with decisions that will ultimately define her reputation and her friendships. 


breaker character

Grade 9 | Robot
Digital Dilemma: Internet Safety

Breaker is constantly trying to refine and improve his dance moves and is tempted by the glitz and glam of the Hollywood lights. On the chase for more "likes" and instant fame, Breaker finds himself in some unfamiliar territory. His digital footprint threatens to spin out of control as he searches for the public spotlight. Breaker must quickly learn how to find a balance between shooting for the stars and protecting himself, his identity, and his dance moves.  

wink character
Grade 9 | Pixiecorn
Digital Dilemma: Digital Footprint

The star of the #whereswink campaign, Wink is making her début in the world of digital media. In an effort to land the internship of her dreams, she goes head to head with her best friend in order to win the attention of her dream employer. But at what cost? She soon finds that fighting for the spotlight may tarnish not only her digital footprint, but potentially some of her relationships as well.


hutch character
Grade: 12 | Water Buffalo
Digital Dilemma: Self-Image and Identity

In a world that falsely promotes perfection, Hutch is determined to master all things sports-related. But he has yet to learn how to master his own self-image online. Hutch finds himself getting caught up in the glory of creating what he deems the perfect online identity, and eventually has to face his toughest competitor -- the truth -- both online and offline.


miko character
Grade 10 | Bubblegum
Digital Dilemma: Privacy and Security

Not one to typically fall into the social hype of the newest and coolest, Miko finds herself in a sticky situation when she signs up for the newest app that everyone is obsessing over. Out of the skate park, she finds herself experiencing the twists and turns of the digital landscape as she stumbles over the "how-to's" in protecting her privacy.


jay character
Grade 11 | Jaybird
Digital Dilemma: Information Literacy

The competing demands of an overpacked schedule lead Jay to debate taking some shortcuts to spin his science research project into solid gold. With vast amounts of information at his fingertips, Jay needs to learn how to fine-tune his own critical eye when it comes to researching online and debunking what is truth and what is fiction online.



pepper character
Grade 11 | Ocelot
Digital Dilemma: Relationships and Communication

Pepper seems to rule the school when it comes to popularity, but she still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a good friend. Caught up in the newest and provocative app craze of Cute or Brute, Pepper is forced to take a hard look at her own not-so-cute behavior. Based on the controversial Hot or Not app that quickly rose up the charts in 2014.



seven character
Grade 12 | Alien
Digital Dilemma: Creative Credit and Copyright

Seven knows his way around a Maker Faire and has tested his skills on various inventions. For this year’s hack-a-thon, Seven is determined to make his mark with a winning invention. Seven struggles with his own creative process when he finds “inspiration” and distractions at every digital turn in his attempt to take home the winning prize.



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Brisa A.

My former role at Common Sense as education content producer allowed me to blend my psychology background with my love for technology in producing and developing new digital citizenship literacy tools to foster safe, responsible and aware digital citizens. I enjoy creating programs and tools that help our youth reflect and cultivate awareness around their digital use.