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Meet Our Ambassadors: Ginann Franklin

We think our Common Sense Ambassadors are worth knowing. Here's the latest in a series of spotlights.

Steve Garton | December 15, 2016

The Common Sense Ambassadors are an exceptional group of Common Sense Certified education leaders who share their passion and inspiration about our mission with others. 

Today we're spotlighting Ambassador Ginann Franklin

What do you do? 

I am the director of libraries and educational technology at Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee. As part of the Currey Ingram LibTech team, I oversee the acquisition and implementation of resources that provide enhanced learning for our students. I teach information literacy skills, help with planning and implementing CIA's digital citizenship curriculum, and provide professional development for teachers. I manage our K–12 Learning Commons, which includes a maker space. Most importantly, I'm a person who loves to learn.  

How is Common Sense Education's mission making a difference in your work?

Common Sense Education has had a big impact on our school's digital citizenship curriculum. A few years ago, [Common Sense founder and CEO] Jim Steyer visited our school and spoke to parents and students. We were all so impressed with the resources provided by Common Sense Education that we began to use them immediately. Our department was already teaching digital citizenship lessons, but Jim's visit gave urgency to adopting a curriculum and ensuring it was being taught K–12. One of the things that keeps me coming back to Common Sense Education is that the resources are constantly updated. I so appreciate the commitment to providing current resources for educators and parents.

Describe a digital learning project or initiative that you're currently working on.

I'm working with our second-grade teachers to create iMovies using green-screen videos of their students for a Grandparents' Day project. I'm also working on a 3D-printing project with upper school students, learning as I go.

What are you most excited about in education?

I love the creative problem-solving process that results in change for the good of students. With the explosion of technology in education, we have much to learn about using technology to boost the learning experience. Currey Ingram is a school for students with learning differences. It's all about taking risks and trying new ways to help students learn. In my position, I get to be a part of the cycle of discovery, implementation, and evaluation that results in an improved learning experience for students. I love that every day is filled with possibilities for making a difference in someone's life.

Why did you become a Common Sense Ambassador?

I started out as a Common Sense Certified Educator. When the Ambassador program was rolled out, I was drawn to it because I feel we should be doing all we can to help other educators understand it is everyone's job to teach digital citizenship. We recently did an all-staff presentation to encourage everyone at our school to think of digital citizenship in the same way as social coaching. We remind students to use polite words in person; we should also be reminding them to use polite words online. Our students are leading blended lives, and the classroom teaching and informal discussions we have with students must reflect that.