A quick look at how these popular note-taking tools can work in the classroom.

Both Evernote and Notability are great digital note-taking tools for teachers and students. But which is best for classroom use? Both tools offer a host of similar functions, but some key differences might make one a better choice than the other, depending on your needs.

For students, these tools promote good note-taking while also modeling organization skills. The ability to add and embed a variety of digital media within notes takes students' note-taking to a whole new level. From images, Web links, and videos to sketching tools and live audio recordings, taking notes -- and studying -- can become a more interactive experience. 

What's more, both Evernote and Notability can be incredibly useful for teachers. Both tools save everything in the cloud, which makes it easier to stay productive on the go, whether you're between classes at school, grading student work at home, or even planning lessons during your commute. Some teachers and students are even using these tools like a really basic LMS (Learning Management System), where they can share documents and assignments via the cloud.

Editor's Note: This video refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.

Jeff Knutson

As Senior Producer and Content Strategist for Common Sense Education, Jeff helps creates and publish content for teachers aimed at helping them learn new, innovative, and effective ways to use edtech in the classroom. Prior to his work at Common Sense, Jeff was an editor and classroom teacher. He's an advocate for the creative, thoughtful, and responsible use of technology, and he thrives on sharing his knowledge, experience, and perspectives with others.