Check out these STEAM-focused apps, games and websites.

When their forces combine, science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) are a super group of subjects essential for 21st-century learning. There are many STEAM-focused apps, games, and websites out there, but this week we're homing in on the best of the best.

Let's say you're a science teacher doing a lesson on cell division. With Gamestar Mechanic, your students can design games that sequentially progress through the process of how cells divide. If you're a math teacher, you could try ArtsEdge to find lessons on teaching fractions through music notes and rhythm. Art teachers can teach 3-D design while folding in math concepts like perimeter, area, and measurements using SketchUp or Tinkercad. These are only a few examples -- the possibilities are endless! 

To see the most updated version as well as the rating of each STEAM app, game, or website, visit the Top Picks List: 

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