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12 Apps and Websites for Sharpening Study Skills

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Help students absorb knowledge faster and more efficiently with these useful study tools.

Kira DeVaul | November 4, 2014

Studying: fundamental, but not usually fun. Nevertheless, sometimes students just have to roll up their sleeves and memorize information. Luckily, apps and websites can make this task a whole lot easier and -- dare we say it -- even fun!

  • For reinforcing basic facts and vocabulary, give BrainRush a try. This site's responsiveness is excellent, and it allows students to progress at their own pace without the distraction of the unequal partnerships often found in traditional study groups or flashcard activities.
  • For visual learners, check out Quizlet. Quizlet allows students to create and study virtual flashcards on any subject. It also allows users to choose flashcard photos from a large pool of licensed photography, which really makes it a valuable tool for subjects with a visual element, like anatomy.
  • Grockit is a useful and effective resource for preparing for standardized tests. This study aid prepares students for college admission exams like the SAT and ACT, as well as for Advanced Placement exams. Kids take diagnostic tests, and Grockit generates study plans students can complete in easily digestible segments.   

Learning how to study can be just as important as what students are studying. The apps and websites we’ve highlighted can help students absorb knowledge faster and more efficiently, while allowing them to retain information longer than for just a few days before an exam.

To see the most updated version as well as the rating of each app or website, visit the Top Picks List: 

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