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10 Versatile Year-Round Tech Tools to Start the Year Off Right

Save yourself time and frustration by focusing on year-round tech tools.

Tanner Higgin | August 12, 2013

We hear it all the time: teachers want to use games, apps, and websites in the classroom, but it takes time and money. Between finding the right tool and getting students up to speed, teachers can invest hours in just one solution. And what if that tool burns out in a class period or two? It can be disheartening and demotivating. 

Here's an idea! Save yourself the frustration and focus on introducing year-round tech tools early that will pay off again and again.

To help we’ve curated a collection of highly-rated tools that are both versatile and valuable. Students will love returning all year long to these products to organize, create, and present work.


Pen and paper are wonderful, but with these tools students (and teachers) can collect, organize, visualize, and annotate ideas across media. 

popplet app

Popplet is a click-and-drag platform that facilitates easy organization of information, pictures, and drawings. It gives students a quick way to organize information. Read full review.

evernote app

Students can create notes, snap images, make checklists, or record audio on a mobile device or computer and make the information available on any other device or computer. Read full review.

skitch app

Using text or shapes to highlight or take notes, students can save annotated screens to access from multiple devices or share with others using social media, email, or text for collaboration. Read full review.


Get students thinking in new ways by using the following tools to build models, create games, and record music or podcasts.

minecraft edu game

MinecraftEdu - This product is no longer available.
MinecraftEdu transforms Minecraft into a teacher-directed virtual learning environment. All of the open-ended possibilities of the base game still exist inMinecraftEdu, but its bundle of mods and dashboard features gives teachers more control. Read full review.

gamestar mechanic game

Gamestar Mechanic
Gamestar Mechanic is an online toolset, game, and community that teaches kids how to build games. Read full review.

garage band app

Garage Band
GarageBand turns your iOS device into a powerful, mobile multi- track recording studio complete with pre-recorded loops and impressive editing and sharing features. Read full review.

sketchbook pro app

Sketchbook Pro is a full-featured app with an arsenal of tools for creating digital art, offering tools available in the desktop version with the ease of a sketchbook on an iPad or other tablet. Read full review.



Presenting work is a time-honored student skill, and these tools will give students exciting new options to share what they know.

educreations app

With Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, it's easy for students and teachers to create a multipage presentation or lesson that can easily be shared with other students, teachers, or parents. Read full review.

tiki toki website

Tiki-Toki is an online, interactive timeline creator. Students add events with text, images, and even videos and can print, embed, or share their timelines. Read full review.

prezi website

Prezi is an online presentation maker that features a unique 3D zoom animation to move between slides. Read full review.

What are your favorite year-round tools? Sign in to comment below.