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10 Games, Apps, and Sites for Personalized Learning

Allow student interests to shape their learning agenda and plan.

Ellen Holderman | December 20, 2013

It's Top-Pick List Friday! This week, we are featuring games, apps, and sites for personalized learning. We live in an age of personalization. Log onto and you'll find a store that is tailored to your interests. Log into Netflix and movie recommendations based on your taste rise to the the top of the list. Technology is enabling educators to personalize their approaches to student learning as well. These top picks help teachers let individual student interests, abilities, and goals shape the learning agenda and plan.

To see the most updated version of this list as well as the rating of each app, game, or website, visit the Top Picks List: 


diy website

DIY can be an online or offline tool to engage kids in creative problem-solving and skills-building through activities that let them make and build things, and the site encourages accountability for creative work Read full review.

actively learn website

Actively Learn
Using Actively Learn in every class would be practical because it can help you manage a complex part of teaching. Discussions about a text can develop organically, and participation may seem more sincere. Reluctant hand raisers might enjoy the option of responding in the margins. Read full review.

dreambox learning math game

DreamBox Learning Math
The individualized pace and adaptiveness of the program means that students are working at their current skill level, even if that level is below or above the student’s actual grade level. This could be particularly good for students who are below grade level or who are advanced and need a challenge or extension. Read full review.

duolingo website

Duolingo's clear, comprehensive format can help users who range from beginners to kids with some language experience. And they'll be able to see how far they’ve come since starting, thanks to a skill tree diagram that tracks their progress. Read full review.

goalbook website

Goalbook is a website that supports teachers and administrators with a collection of teaching strategies and learning goals that can be adapted for kids with various learning needs. It's made up of two parts, the Toolkit and the Plan. Read full review.

articulation station app

Articulation Station
Articulation Station provides kids with the opportunity to record and listen to their own voices as they pronounce the letters and words in conjunction with a narrator who speaks them. As a result, students can gain self-awareness and identify their own pronunciation strengths and weaknesses. Read full review.

ten marks website

Ten Marks
Overall, teachers will love the flexibility TenMarks provides, both for them as well as their students. The track system allows for differentiation as students work at their own pace, and the videos are especially helpful for those working independently. Read full review.

scratch website

Most of the learning is tacit and supported by classroom teachers helping kids learn to code, a 21st-century skill that's quickly gaining importance. Students can create animations, games, and models that communicate artistry and learning. Read full review.

minecraft edu game

Minecraft Edu - This product is no longer available.
The original Minecraft is itself a fantastic tool for collaborative, student-directed work, but for teachers keen on measuring out doses of the game while tying activities to specific content, MinecraftEdu is a good fit. Read full review.

cast udl book builder website

CAST UDL Book Builder
CAST UDL Book Builder is a free online tool that lets kids create, publish, share, and read digital books. The tool is designed around Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an educational framework meant to support diverse learning needs. Read full review.


What are games, apps, and websites do you use for personalized learning? Sign in to comment below.