Updated October 2021
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Present on popular platform with short videos using clear parameters

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TikTok is a hugely popular social media platform that features scrollable short videos. Though it's primarily known for comedy and dance challenges, the topics of the videos vary widely, and the videos are often highly -- and creatively -- edited. Educators often create mini-lessons that students can watch multiple times. And, if students have accounts, they can provide evidence of learning asynchronously. Using the Duet feature, students can also build on a teacher's post. Because of its popularity, TikTok is a vehicle to meet students where they already are and deliver content in a format they're familiar with.

Before you decide to use TikTok for instruction, it's important to familiarize yourself with settings and potential pitfalls. There are ways to turn off comments, only share posts with students, and more, so check out Common Sense Media's Parents' Ultimate Guide and our review to gather information, and consider your school's social media policies

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JOHN N. , Other
short and sweet videos for going over little things
It is a very OK teaching tool. It falls short when trying to deliver full scale lessons plans like lectures. It is really to go over short and sweet material or to quickly review already taught material.
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