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Updated November 2014

Tell About This

Photo and word prompts inspire storytelling; app records the results
Common Sense Rating 4
Teacher Rating (1 Teacher Review) 4
  • Choose from 100 prompts, sorted by theme.
  • Engaging photos spark kids' imaginations.
  • Photo and word prompts tap into kids' experiences.
  • Teachers or students can add their own prompts.
  • Every students can have a profile to create and save their own stories.
Easy-to-use tool for kids that's also easy for teachers to customize.
Recording oral storytelling doesn't allow revising or editing.
Bottom Line
Versatile tool can be used as a pre-writing or publishing activity.
Amanda Bindel
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 4
Engagement Is the product stimulating, entertaining, and engrossing? Will kids want to return? 4

Photo prompts -- from a cat in a toilet bowl to laser light displays -- draw kids in, and open-ended prompts spark creativity. The highlight for kids, though, is hearing their own voices played back.

Pedagogy Is learning content seamlessly baked-in, and do kids build conceptual understanding? Is the product adaptable and empowering? Will skills transfer? 4

Prompts and photos serve as great pre-writing activities to inspire ideas. Emerging writers are empowered to tell their stories verbally, building expressive language and writing skills.

Support Does the product take into account learners of varying abilities, skill levels, and learning styles? Does it address both struggling and advanced students? 4

Kids' work is saved in-app and can be shared by email as a .mov file. Teachers or kids can customize prompts, adding their own images and/or word prompts.

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How Can Teachers Use It?

Tell About This is a truly versatile tool. In a kindergarten or primary classroom, where kids' ideas are bigger than their writing ability, teachers could let them express their ideas orally and record them. They could also record kids as they retell stories, developing reading comprehension, or take a picture of kids' artwork and record stories about them. Older students could use Tell About This as a publishing tool -- reading aloud a piece of writing, adding a photo, and sharing it with others. The developer's website also has a helpful list of ways teachers can use the app.

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What's It Like?

Dozens of photos, sorted into such categories as culture, people, family, and fun, serve as inspiration for prompts kids can tell stories about. After choosing a category, they select a photo, see and hear the prompt, and tap the microphone button to record their "tell-about." They can pause during recording, and save or play back the recording when finished. Recordings can be saved in-app or to the device's camera roll, and emailed as a .mov file. Teachers can create custom prompts using their own images, prompts, and voice.

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Is It Good For Learning?

This versatile pre-writing or publishing tool, with clear icons for recording, pausing, and playing, is easy for young storytellers to use. Prompts are read aloud and can be repeated. Resources -- from the interesting photos to the thoughtful prompts-- are inspiring. Teachers can create unlimited profiles, so every student can save work to an individual profile and easily find it again. Profiles can even include images to make it easier for pre-readers to use.

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