Interesting Visual Prompts Encourage Oral Language Development

Submitted 7 years ago
Lisa S.
Lisa S.
Technology Integration Specialist
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My Take

There are now other tools (like Seesaw) that allow students to record over their own images in an easier way than this app, so I would only suggest this app if the visual prompts are what you value from it. The images included ARE highly engaging and could encourage oral language development and practice using oral language. A speech and language specialist might find value in purchasing the paid version to have access to all the images which are around 14-15 per topic. (Topics include: Culture, Living Things, Learn, Activities, Play, Make Believe, Transportation, People, World, Things, Places, Fun, and Family.) Adding the free version to student iPads in a 1:1 setting can give you an option for extending student recording options.

How I Use It

My experience was with the free version which allows only one self-created prompt at a time and only one visual prompt in each of the 13 categories. But students enjoyed the tool (grade 2) and it was good oral language practice for them. We took a screen shot from a digital book they had read and added it to the custom prompts. Students then retold the main points of the story orally. What they struggled with was getting tapping the right or left arrow when they were on the custom prompt which then takes them to other prompts and it is hard for little ones to find their way back to the custom prompt. So a few recordings were made on the wrong picture! They still enjoyed recording and listening to their own voices and it was good practice.