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Oh No Fractions!
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Oh No Fractions!

Helpful but limited way for kids to work with fractions

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Pros: The visual representation is very helpful as kids build an understanding of fractions.

Cons: Lack of depth and helpful feedback limit the instructional component.

Bottom Line: It can help kids learn fractions by turning fraction comparison into a visual exercise. Kids can also practice operations on fractions, but they will need prior knowledge to fully benefit.

Oh No Fractions! offers a simple way for kids to think about and practice fractions. You could use this app in the classroom as another way of demonstrating fractions to students, though having the "Prove it!" feature offered before solving the problem would be more helpful. You can also use it to have kids practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and/or dividing fractions. 

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Oh No Fractions! is an app that lets kids work with fractions in numeric and model form. When they perform an operation, kids use bar models to select the numerator and denominator for the answer. This helps kids find common denominators when needed.  When they are finished, kids can choose "I'M SURE" to find out if the answer is correct or "SHOW ME" to see the answer. When kids do comparisons, they must decide if the fraction on the left is GREATER than or LESS than the fraction on the right. Players select an answer and choose "I'M SURE" to check it. They'll see if their answer was "correct" or "wrong" and then be able to "Prove it!" The prove it screen shows each fraction on a bar divided into equal spaces based on the denominator. Kids drag over the boxes to fill in the numerator for each and then see the fractions compared side-by-side on the graph. They can also just tap to reveal the solution. A "STATS" page shows kids their activity and progress and can be easily reset. Kids can set the max denominator up to 99 and can access a simple cheat sheet that lists basic steps for performing operations on fractions.

The concept is pretty simple, but the learning design is elegant, and the visual demonstration of comparing fractions helps kids to really make sense of the comparisons and the operations they perform. It's helpful that kids will see if their answer was correct or wrong and a record of total correct and incorrect answers, but there's no  data about which particular fractions may have caused difficulties. Some instructional feedback could boost the learning value of this practice tool. 

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This basic educational app works best for kids who are struggling to understand fractions by showing visual feedback.


Visual explanation of fractions is valuable, but the app provides limited feedback. Kids can monitor their activity with a "stat" tracker. 


The simple interface doesn't need much explanation, but no help features are offered just in case you need guidance.

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Denise C. , Media specialist/librarian
Media specialist/librarian
Carson Elementary School
San Diego, United States
Uncomplicated way to visualize equal fractions.
I tested this app with fifth grade students. They felt that the content was too easy for them and that it was a basic review for them. Engagement was short. One thing the students didn't like was that the numbers changed to white when you dialed in the correct answer, making it possible to just dial away until the number turned white. They also thought that the interface was plain and could use more color, also this app is silent. Sounds might enhance the engagement. The app was easy to use.
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