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Frog Dissection
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Frog Dissection

Amazingly detailed virtual lab means a clean, frog-friendly dissection

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Pros: Vast collection of information, detailed instructions, and beautiful 3D models.

Cons: More quiz questions and interactive activities would make the learning experience even better.

Bottom Line: Affordable virtual dissection with extensive factual resources helps students learn.

Frog Dissection is filled with so much information that the potential for classroom use is extensive. Use the virtual dissection with students as a practice run if you are doing an actual wet lab dissection, or use it for students who view dissection of dead animals as unethical or otherwise difficult. Since virtual dissection can be done repeatedly, anyone who wants extra practice will get the help they need. After the dissection, have students take the quiz and try for the highest score. 

You can use the other resources within the app to conduct independent or small-group research about frog organ systems, types of frogs, habitat, behaviors, or ecology. There is not enough information for a fully detailed research project, but students can get plenty of ideas and inspiration by tapping around. Like with encyclopedias, the information can be a launching point for further research.

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Frog Dissection is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn about frogs. Through voice-guided instructions, students work step by step through a dissection by dragging the correct tools to a pan and making virtual incisions when needed. Students get the chance to use pins, a marker, a scalpel, scissors, and forceps. What lies beneath the skin and muscles? Students will find beautifully labeled organs with the option to tap each one to learn detailed information about what the organs do and how they interact with the other organs. Then students can rotate the organs to study them from all sides.

The app offers several options in addition to the dissection, many of them interactive. Students can take a quiz to test their frog-anatomy skills, learn characteristics of frogs in a virtual encyclopedia, watch a frog develop through its life cycle, compare frog anatomy with human anatomy, and watch animated videos of frog behaviors in the wild. There are even some interactive activities to show how two of the frog body systems work (Digestive System and Respiratory System). Additionally, the app includes the step-by-step process for a wet lab, with visual and written instructions for setting up, prepping a frog, and cleaning up.

The developers of Frog Dissection went to great lengths to help students learn about frog anatomy and all the organs in the central cavity –- and more. This well-designed virtual lab is aligned with several Common Core ELA standards and touches on the Next Generation Science Standards for middle and high school (MS-LS-3 and HS-LS-2). It's a perfect fit in any biology or anatomy class.

Students can complete the dissection at their own pace and can repeat the procedure for additional practice, unlike with a traditional dissection. Teachers will appreciate the built-in scored assessment and the variety of multimedia resources to help guide and extend student learning, which includes many images and descriptive text. 

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The virtual lab and interactive activities will engage students, but the extensive additional text may be dry. Still, students will enjoy tapping and swiping in the app and will stay interested in the topic. 


In this self-paced app, students learn important dissection procedures that can be used during wet labs. A quiz helps check for understanding, and multiple resources are available to apply and extend learning. 


Easy navigation, clearly written text, and incredible voice-over dissection instructions make using the app a breeze. Sending an email to ask the developers for help is accessible at the tap of a finger.  

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Greg M. , Technology coordinator
Technology coordinator
An AWESOME no clean-up, no mess, no gagging alternative to the middle school frog dissection science lab!
There is not too much that I would suggest to improve this app. It is very informative, breaking down each of the important organs in a frog and how they interconnect within the whole body function. There are some quizzes/activities that students can complete to demonstrate understanding, but they are not the most engaging. Students found the actual process of dissection and discovery to be far more engaging. It is a great tool to have in a science class 3-12 and a swell replacement/supplement for t ...
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