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App review by Stacy Zeiger, Common Sense Education | Updated November 2013
Classroom Ideas To Go!

Classroom Ideas to Go!

More than 1,000 ideas help teachers plan creative lessons

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Pros: Ideas cover multiple grade levels and subject areas, and teachers can save their favorite ideas to access later.

Cons: The search function does not always produce relevant results.

Bottom Line: Teachers can search for lesson plans in major subject areas, and also find lessons to cover areas such as life skills and classroom management, in this Scholastic app.

Teachers can use Classroom Ideas to Go! in one of two ways: as a tool for long-term lesson planning or as a way to find last-minute activities. When doing your long-term lesson planning or writing your weekly lesson plans, you could have the app open and browse through it to see if any ideas strike your fancy. You can also use it when you're not actively lesson planning by simply browsing through the ideas and saving favorites to access later. While a portion of the activities require advance planning, many can be used on the spot, so if the Internet goes down and your plans to work in the computer lab won't work out, or a surprise assembly cuts class time in half -- ruining the day's lesson -- you can use the app to quickly find an activity to fill time and still encourage learning. Many of the activities can be implemented with supplies teachers will already have on hand.

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Rather than searching through lesson plan books and binders or browsing a plethora of websites to get lesson plan ideas, teachers can find hundreds of lesson plan activities in Classroom Ideas to Go! Taken directly from the pages of Scholastic's Instructor magazine, the lessons cover multiple grade levels, subject areas, and topics within the school year. Want a math lesson for grades K-2 that involves the outdoors? Select those parameters and click on "Show me an idea!" to get at least one suggested activity for the classroom ... maybe. While good in theory, not all selections produce relevant lesson plans. For example, searching for an outdoor math lesson for grades K-2 may produce suggestions for painting with chalk, potting plants, or making leaf plants before offering suggestions that are highly relevant, such as making a kite arch or creating apple patterns.

Teachers will find hundreds of activities that incorporate a variety of learning styles and skills. The ideas found in Classroom Ideas to Go! promote creativity, critical thinking, and helping children demonstrate their knowledge in nontraditional ways. They also go beyond basic subject areas to cover topics such as classroom management, getting to know students during the first weeks of school, using technology, and preparing for tests. While teachers may have to tap through multiple ideas before finding some that will work for their classrooms, they will still find a wealth of high-quality ideas and will almost always eventually find something to fit their specific needs.


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With more than 1,000 activities available, teachers can find something to appeal to nearly every student. Activities incorporate topics, games, and other elements designed to engage students.


Activities cover many different grade levels, subject areas, and topics. They appeal to a wide variety of learning styles, incorporate many higher-level learning activities, and promote creativity and critical thinking.


Teachers can save favorite lessons to return to later. To produce the lessons, teachers must gather lesson-specific materials on their own.

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Maria S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
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This app is a fantastic resource for teachers looking for new ideas. Especially great for first year teachers.
Not ideal for well seasoned teachers but great for beginning teachers who are in need of ideas.
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