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Pros: Thorough scaffolding and reinforcement of learned skills, great resources for live instruction, and tons of useful data.

Cons: Could use more open-ended multiple-solution problems.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for the perfect balance of online lessons and in-person support, at home or in school, look no further.

Zearn is very clear about the intended use for the program: Students should begin class with whole-group instruction. Next, students get in-class time working independently or with one or two partners on digital lessons, then work in small groups with a teacher to "deepen, extend, and remediate" based on detailed reports of student progress. In our experience, it's really best to stick to this plan -- there's not quite enough digital support available to expect kids to learn everything independently, and there's not quite enough content in the digital lessons to give enough practice and enough nuance, and the multiple perspectives so critical to mathematical understanding.

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Zearn is an online math curriculum (coupled with live whole- and small-group instruction) for grades one through five, with supplemental skills practice activities for kindergartners. Students open up to a dashboard with tasks to be completed; these include a variety of fluency warm-ups that promote general number sense and lesson-specific skills, as well as guided practice with interactive video lessons that feature enthusiastic human teachers and school-age children ("The Zearn Squad"). Students will also find an independent practice and formative assessment activity rolled into one (called the Tower of Power) and a summative exit ticket. Teachers have quick access to the curriculum from their own dashboard, as well as a handy Pace Report to help track student progress.

Full Disclosure: Zearn and Common Sense Education share funders; however, those relationships do not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

Zearn has some big strengths that set it apart from other elementary digital math curricula. The first is excellent scaffolding: All lessons build from previous knowledge and spiral from accessing learned skills, from modeling new content to guided practice, independent articulation, and demonstrated mastery. This occurs at the micro level and in overall curriculum arcs. For instance, multiplication of two-digit numbers starts with already mastered single digits and adds multiples of 10, offering practice until students demonstrate mastery and before adding different values to the units place. Students are almost always locked into their zones of proximal development.

The online independent practice will help teach conceptual understanding with digital manipulatives. Likewise, it will try to correct student misconceptions with feedback. The live instruction components of Zearn are necessary to ensure both of these areas are addressed for students.

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The online content is engaging, with good scaffolding to keep kids motivated. It's best coupled with the recommended small-group live instruction and whole-group fluency warm-up.


Extensive scaffolding drives the online student experience. Each lesson builds on previous skills, breaks work down into clear steps, and offers chances to go further. For a fairly direct instruction curriculum, it's solid teaching.


The primary support vehicle is you. Thankfully, there's rich data to support students. Whole- and small-group lesson plans and on-demand PD are useful additions, while captions and text-to-speech help aid diverse learners.

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Megan W. , Classroom teacher
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Great way to support distance learning!
I like this resource because it allows students to work at their own pace. I am able to see how students are doing with the content and adapt my teaching to meet student needs. My own children enjoy using it to enhance their mathematical understanding.
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