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Pros: This is a wonderful way to access Sesame Street’s high-quality video clips.

Cons: The site is somewhat cumbersome and has limited interactive elements.

Bottom Line: In an online version of the TV show, offers on-demand and personalized access to its marvelous video content.

Teachers can pick and choose clips and games based on the needs of their students: Learning about the letter B? Watch videos and play games that explore B in many different ways. also offers a nice way to introduce topics that are not explicitly “academic,” such as cooperation, respecting others, culture and diversity, or self-care. However, kids will likely need a lot of oversight when using the site so they don't get overwhelmed by the large amount of content and the many places to click (the Muppet wheel and the filmstrip are particularly distracting). Offline, teachers can also take advantage of the many printable worksheets, craft ideas, child-friendly recipes, and other suggestions for non-digital games and guided interactions that expand learning and reinforce concepts.

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For more than four decades, Sesame Street has offered well-designed, fully researched, and field-tested programming on an extensive variety of topics. is an online catalog for that content, making it searchable and giving users the freedom to choose what they want to see, when, and how many times.

This massive database includes video clips from the popular TV show with the addition of some interactive games. Teachers and kids can search by type (games or videos), topic (animals, letters and words, math, science and discovery), age range (under 2 through 5+), Muppet, or playlist. Playlists are pre-grouped video clips and games that all center on a particular theme, such as addition and subtraction, being healthy, and learning letters. Each week, the site features a different playlist, but users can access all playlists through a search option.

By creating a username and a password (no email address required), teachers can save their favorite games and videos in the MyStreet section.

The strength and focus of is the quality and variety of its video clips. With multiple ways to search, kids and teachers will certainly find something for any topic that interests them, from academic topics like letters, vocabulary, math, socio-emotional cooperation, diversity, feelings, personal care, daily routine, healthy habits, and safety. Some games let students interact with learning content or their favorite muppets, sometimes even allowing them to personalize the experience. For example, in "Elmo the Musical: Cowboy," kids pick an outfit, cowboy avatar, color, and scenery, then help Elmo get to the dude ranch through counting and matching tasks. Other games aren't as well-designed and feel like afterthoughts.

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Kids will certainly find something that engages them among Sesame Street's vast collection of videos and games, especially if they already have favorite characters.


Videos are brimming with opportunities to learn, and some games are more successful than others in carrying that learning over to an interactive experience. The site lacks any kind of tracking or progress recording.


Adults can take advantage of a multitude of suggestions for extending learning beyond the screen, including printable worksheets. However, the site’s presentation can be a bit confusing, which might overwhelm kids.

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Lesa B. , Media specialist/librarian
Media specialist/librarian
Students love this website but it can be very slow
Sesame Street is a favorite website of my kindergarten students. The games are intuitive for the kindergarteners, and they are very engaged. However, the skills learned are pretty basic, like following directions. Many of my kindergarteners have not use a computer before and this site helps them become more comfortable navigating a website and mousing. would work best for preschool through kindergarten. Once students are learning how to read, they should move on to other websites ...
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