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Keeps students entertained

I do not use technology in my classroom, however I think this is a wonderful teaching tool for at home. It helps students learn basic concepts in an interactive way to help further what they are learning in the classroom. Again, I think there should be a way to skip what the characters are saying for students who already know how to play and would just like to do so rather than hear the characters talk.
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Great interactive website for young learners

I really like this tool because it is very interactive and helpful for young learners. This tool teaches students important learning tools as well as various social skills. The website is very simple to navigate and easy to set up as well.
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Fun Interactions to Keep Students Interested!

I overall really liked this website as a teaching tool. I loved how it was very entertaining and was giving students the option to do activities based on their interests, as well as providing fun and interesting videos for them to watch if they wanted to.
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Sesame Street Helps Grow Student's Passions!

I think the Sesame Street website is a fun and creative tool that centers learning around each student! I love the way that students can choose a game or lesson to grow their personal interests like baking or art, all while reviewing skills or gaining knowledge! In addition, this website offers excellent resources for ELL students as well as students with low literacy, thanks to the read-aloud feature. As a teacher, I will look forward to using this tool with my students to further engage their learning!
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Great teaching tool for kindergarteners!

I did really like this teaching tool. It provides a wide variety of skills children can learn and they recognize the characters which can make it more fun and enjoyable. This is a nice supplemental tool.
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Awesome interactive learning experience for Kindergartners!

As a teaching tool this is great for students to practice their skills. I like that they teach students and guide them with instructions. I wouldn't necessarily use it during class time I believe it would be better to allow students to utilize the program during free time or for at home practice.
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Fun Website for Kids

The website runs a little bit slow, but once you get over that hurdle there are many great interactive games that your students can play that will help them practice their skills on many different subjects.
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Great interactive site for Kindergartners!

It is a great website for kindergartners. I would use this website for kindergartners just starting to use technology. It is easy to use and engages the students well.
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I liked this tool because its helpful for practicing content, as well as social skills. I liked that the games were interactive. I liked that it was easy to use and you don't need an account or anything access it. This could serve as good practice for students who need extra time to process problems and concepts. The user interface could be improved so that it is easier for students to navigate.
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Students love this website but it can be very slow

Sesame Street is a favorite website of my kindergarten students. The games are intuitive for the kindergarteners, and they are very engaged. However, the skills learned are pretty basic, like following directions. Many of my kindergarteners have not use a computer before and this site helps them become more comfortable navigating a website and mousing. would work best for preschool through kindergarten. Once students are learning how to read, they should move on to other websites. The games can be very slow to load, and occasionally don't load at all. This can be very frustrating to the students.
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