Teacher Review for Metaverse

An immersive and engaging augmented reality tool with an abundance of options and free resources that ensures a variety of experiences

Michael H.
Other paraprofessional educator
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My Subjects Social Studies
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
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Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
Metaverse AR Platform is a free tool that enables the creation of engaging and interactive experiences. These experiences can be built on the computer by the teacher using simple “if this, then that” functions. With this platform, a student can scan a QR code with a device (Apple/Android) that will bring them into an experience through augmented reality. On the computer, the teacher can decide what three- or two-dimensional figure will appear in front of the students on their device. Within the experiences, teachers can include objects that will be collected and used in later Metaverse activities. On the app itself, other educators can share experiences they have made, and content-specific experiences can also be searched for. Metaverse also provides a large depository of free images (3D and 2D) that can be used in the experiences. These experiences can range from requiring something as simple as walking through a historical event, to solving riddles and math problems, or explaining the motivation of characters from a book to progress further through the experience. By using this tool, teachers can increase student interest in a particular topic or check their understanding by monitoring who was able to complete the experience. Tools are also provided that change how Metaverse can be used, as teachers can utilize 360˚ images, videos, polls, device cameras, sounds, and point systems that can immerse students in the content, gather their opinions, and ask them to remember and apply their knowledge through the experience. Although this tool has many functions, it has a steep learning curve that may require searching for videos to help an educator better understand the basics of how to create an experience.
My Take
Metaverse is strong in its ability to bring a class together through an engaging activity. Its potential use of technology, course content, online resources, and teacher input makes it a tool that can work in most classrooms. Its purpose can be that of a hook for a new unit, a check for understanding halfway through a unit, a way to gauge student interest, or simply an activity to bring variety to a lesson. While a teacher can control and create these experiences, students will also be able to make their own experiences, giving it potential to also act as a project or assessment. Metaverse does not only substitute traditional scavenger hunts but creates a new educational activity that would not have been as easily accessible as it is now. At first, the multitude of abilities and resources that Metaverse provides may be overwhelming when trying to create a simple experience, but that does not detract from its potential uses. If the creation of an experience is approached with a plan and established goals already in mind, there will be less confusion when it is time to actually create the experience. The creation of Metaverse experiences can also be time consuming, but the experiences benefit classes through enabling the creation of a variety of new activities, allowing students to apply their understanding to a unique experience, and providing opportunities for students to recall and appropriately use the content that they have learned.