Metaverse is hands down the best Augmented Reality Creation App. Include video, GIFS, 3D objects, websites and more.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

As a teaching tool, Metaverse can truly increase engagement in the classroom. Giving interactive dialogue to AR characters allows students to interact with the content in ways previously unavailable. Powerful that students can also take charge of their own learning by creating and publishing their own experiences for their peers.

How I Use It

I use the app to create tours, scavenger hunts and interactive experiences to the students at our MS. Experiences are easy to build and can include a plethora of interactive, gamified mechanics to increase engagement. I love that it can also call to 3rd Party APIs. I'm using it to award my students digital currency in a separate platform (myCRED w/in Wordpress) after completing a Metaverse experience. My only recommendations would be to allow users to copy/clone blocks for quicker experience creation, save custom blocks to a personal library for later use, and provide image based triggers to launch an experience rather than relying on a QR code.