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Website review by Galen McQuillen, Common Sense Education | Updated October 2020

ExploreLearning Reflex

Addictive and adaptive games help kids memorize math facts

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71%| Pass Expert evaluation by Common Sense
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Math, Critical Thinking

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Featured review by
Cathy F. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Ada Givens Elementary School
Merced, United States
A top-rate app in building math fact fluency
Reflex Math is an invaluable tool for an elementary math class. One of the best features of the program is that students learn related operations at the same time, with visual representations that help them deepen their understanding. They internalized the concepts of the operations, applying them during our problem-solving sessions. By Christmas my class was 97% fluent in multiplication and division. The payoff was huge during our fractions and division units. Because of their facility with math ...
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Data Safety
How safe is this product?
Unclear whether this product supports interactions between trusted users and/or students.
Unclear whether this product displays personal information publicly.
Unclear whether user-created content is filtered for personal information before being made publicly visible.
Data Rights
What rights do I have to the data?
Users can create or upload content.
Processes to access and review user data are available.
Processes to modify inaccurate data are available.
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Are there advertisements or tracking?
Data are not shared for third-party advertising and/or marketing.
Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
Behavioral or targeted advertising is not displayed.

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